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FRAME 6061-T6 Aluminum Triple Triangle™ Frame, w/ Replaceable Derailleur Hanger, and 1 1/8″ Head Tube27.5 Design
FORK SR Suntour XCT, 80mm, Coil
CHAIN KMC Z51, 7-speed
CRANK All Terra, 42/34/24
BOTTOM BRACKET Cartridge Sealed
PEDALS GT Slim Line Flat Pedal
SHIFTERS Shimano EF500 Easyfire, 3×7
COG SET Sunrace, 14-34, 7-speed
RIMS WTB SX19, 32h, Double wall, disc
WHEELS TIRES WTB Transition, 27.5 x 2.25″
FRONT HUB Formula QR front and rear
WHEELS SPOKES Stainless Steel, 14g
BRAKES Tektro cable-actuated disc, 160/160mm
BRAKE LEVERS Tektro mechanical lever
HANDLEBAR GT All Terra Alloy Riser, 25mm rise, 8° sweep, 6° rise, 700mm
STEM Alloy 1 1/8” Threadless, 4-Bolt W/ CNC Face Plate, 31.8, 8°
GRIPS GT Statement logo grips
HEADSET Semi Integrated, Sealed cartridge
SEAT POST Alloy Micro Adjust, 15mm setback, 27.2 x 350mm

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  •   17″,19″,21″
  •   Forme Alloy
  •   SR Suntour M30
  •   Shimano EZ Fire Plus
  •   Shimano Altus
  •   Shimano Tourney
  •   Shimano Multipull Freewheel
  •   KMC
  •   Cartridge Type
  •   Tektro Disc
  •   Forme Alloy
  •   Internal
  •   FORME
  •   Forme Alloy
  •   FORME
  •   Forme Alloy
  •   Forme Platform
  •   Forme Alloy 32H
  •   kenda Slant Six



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COLONY Pivotal Seat Post oil slick

  • Stump style seatpost.
  • Using the advanced Pivotal™ technology.
  • 25.4mm diameter.
  • Available in 135mm

RRP £35.00


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  • New light-weight Hi tensile steel frame / forks with short back end
  • Front load stem with forged face plate
  • Thread-less forks
  • 10″ x 28″ bars
  • Plastic BMX pedals
  • Kraton rubber grips
  • 30/13 gearing (for high speeds – up to 15 mph)
  • Sealed cartridge wheel bearings
  • 1 piece hi ten forged steel cranks
  • USA BB
  • Fat padded seat
  • Brand new design 5 bolt steel 2 piece wheels with very loud freewheel (new wheels roll much faster than the previous Rocker wheels for higher speed on ramps or just chilling, while being much stronger)
  • New Street Pro Style Tyres
  • Colour matched KMC chain
  • Weight 9.5 kg (20.9 lbs) a saving of 3.3 lbs on the original Rocker