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Alex Magallan and Jim Cielencki have been using the Freeze since February and Full Factory sales guy, Logan Beyhl, has been running it on his trail bike for a long time now as well.

  • The stem’s top cap is a 6061-T6 aluminum forging for additional reinforcement in the bar clamping area, and we’re able to deliver the Freeze to shops at an affordable price because it’s made with a ride-tested, cast aluminum body.
  • The stem has a 34mm rise to maximize bar height, and a length of 52mm.
  • The Freeze Stem is not a “catalog” part. It’s designed by us and it’s only available on Sunday completes and at your local bike shop.
  • If you’re looking for a quality top-load at a great price, then this is it.

RRP £29.99