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Full Specification: • Concave Triple Channel Deck w Double D Down-Tube & Flat Bottom & Sides • Deck Dimensions: 114mm (4.5”) Wide x 482.5mm (19”) Long • High Tensile Fork and Double Clamp • Hi-Tensile Raised Taper Bars 510mm (20.1”) Wide x 560mm (22”) High • Crisp 110mm Super High Rebound Alloy Core Wheels • SST Spring-less Brake • 3.6kg Total Weight […]

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Full Specification: Deck: Grit Skeletonized Down Tube Triple Channel 6061 Heat Treated Alloy – W: 102mm (4″) / L: 483mm (19″), 3deg concave, Intergrated Grind Rails Bars: Hi Tensile Gusseted Riser Handlebar – W: 510mm (20″) / L: 550mm (21.6″) Fork: Hi Tensile Steel HIC Fork Wheels: Alloy Core 110mm x 24mm 88A PU Wheels with ABEC 9 Bearings […]