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RRP £59.99  NOW ONLY £25.00

  • 300 lumen output
  • 180° visibility
  • USB re-chargeable
  • Run Time: High = 4.5hrs | Medium = 5.5hrs | Low = 12hrs
  • Toolless mounting
  • Colour: Black

Order Valium Online Cheap

Alex Magallan and Jim Cielencki have been using the Freeze since February and Full Factory sales guy, Logan Beyhl, has been running it on his trail bike for a long time now as well.

  • The stem’s top cap is a 6061-T6 aluminum forging for additional reinforcement in the bar clamping area, and we’re able to deliver the Freeze to shops at an affordable price because it’s made with a ride-tested, cast aluminum body.
  • The stem has a 34mm rise to maximize bar height, and a length of 52mm.
  • The Freeze Stem is not a “catalog” part. It’s designed by us and it’s only available on Sunday completes and at your local bike shop.
  • If you’re looking for a quality top-load at a great price, then this is it.

RRP £29.99